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Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms in Microdoses

With the recent research and studies related to the therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms, more and more people are looking to give it a try. From an athlete looking to enhance performance and artists wishing for some creative boost to patients seeking some natural alternatives to alleviate symptoms, microdosing is something that offers something to everybody. Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are organically growing mushrooms that produce psychoactive effects when taken in large doses. Just like cannabis, magic mushrooms are classified as a drug and illegal in most places. However, places like Canada have started decriminalizing this beneficial drug and made further research and clinical trials possible.

Benefits of Microdosing

Though magic mushrooms have gained a lot of momentum and popularity in places across Canada, taking huge doses of these psychedelics may not be so convenient for most people. Those who lead a busy life may not find time to trip on shrooms. This is why Microdosing Canada is great for those who wish to experience the therapeutic effects without having to sacrifice their priorities.

Microdosing with psychedelic mushrooms can offer a lot of help at alleviating anxiety, depression and aiding the cell growth and repair of the brain. You can take a small dose of your favorite chocolate magic mushroom and perform all your daily activities. The effects are so subtle that you don’t even realize them.

People suffering from anxiety and depression, sufferers of cluster headaches and athletes are some of the people who could benefit from microdose. It is an enhancer where all gets somewhat better. People start feeling better, behave better and happier.

Benefits of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been classified as Schedule 1 drug in most places including Canada. However, recent researches and clinical trials have come up with some evidence of the therapeutic effects of these mushrooms. Studies conducted on cancer patients suggest that almost 80 percent of participants reported reduced anxiety, depression and stress after just one experience of shrooms. While the drug showed healing benefits, no major side effects were noticed. There is evidence that psychedelic mushrooms help alleviate the symptoms of depression. Users have also reported relief from cluster migraines with smaller doses of these mushrooms.

Microdosing with Magic Mushrooms

It takes some effort to get it right with microdosing magic mushrooms. However, experienced users would take a little time to fine-tune their experience to get the desired results. Professionals suggest that only experienced users should try microdosing and take no more than three-tenths of dry shrooms once in three days. Waiting for two days between two doses lets you feel the effects while helping you avoid any dependency.

As every individual responds differently to microdoses of magic mushrooms, it is important that you adjust the doses as the body prefers. When you microdose with good quality shrooms in Canada, you should feel a mild effect leading to a better focused and happier mood with reduced anxiety. You should approach this craft with a fixed intention and keep track of your results. The ideal effect is the one that lets you lead your daily life without any troubles but you should feel more connected, creative and productive.